Braces Santa Clarita

Getting braces can be one of the best choices you can make for your smile. Orthodontic treatment can give you an attractive smile, reduce pressure on the jaw joint, make your teeth easier to clean and keep healthy. If you have crooked teeth or an imbalanced bite, Dr. Lozada, our Santa Clarita braces dentist, can help you decide if braces are right for you.

If you think that braces mean a mouth full of metal, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Today’s braces are smaller and less noticeable than previous generations, and the appliances are designed to work efficiently and effectively. Dr. Lozada, our expert in braces in Santa Clarita, will begin by developing your treatment plan, which requires records such as dental impressions and dental X-rays. You may need a cleaning before your treatment can begin. The cleaning will remove any buildup from your teeth and polish them to a shine.

Braces Santa Clarita

Once your teeth are ready and your treatment plan has been designed, it will be time to attach the brackets and metal bands. Each tooth will have a bracket bonded to it, and archwires are attached to individual brackets using special elastics. The wires are anchored to bands. You may have some tenderness or sensitivity for a few days. This is normal and occurs as your teeth begin to move to new positions. Dr. Lozada, our Santa Clarita braces dentist, may recommend a soft diet to relieve the pressure on your teeth. Most patients adjust quickly.

You will need to schedule periodic adjustments. The archwires maintain steady pressure to move your teeth. As your treatment progresses, the periodontal ligaments and jawbone will gradually adjust to hold your teeth in their new positions. Dr. Lozada, our expert in braces in Santa Clarita, will explain the best ways to maintain your braces during treatment. You might need to avoid certain foods, like popcorn or caramel, which could damage your braces. You will also need to take special care to brush and floss thoroughly so that you can keep your teeth healthy during treatment.

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