Dental Implants

Dental Implants Santa Clarita

Periodontal disease and tooth decay are the top causes of tooth loss, and many Americans have lost at least one tooth by the time they have reached the age of thirty-five. Unfortunately, the loss of one tooth can lead to more dental problems. Replacing lost teeth can protect your smile and restore your confidence. Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita dental implants dentist, can help you decide on the best restoration for your dental needs.

Implants are a special type of restoration that have transformed dentistry over the last twenty-five years. They do not rely on other teeth for support the way bridges do, and they remain in your mouth unlike dentures, which are removed when you sleep. Dr. Lozada, expert in dental implants in Santa Clarita, might recommend dental implants to replace one or several teeth if you have good dental health and are interested in a long-term solution.

Dental Implants Santa Clarita

The process takes place over several appointments. At your first appointment, Santa Clarita dental implants dentist Dr. Lozada will examine your teeth and jaw to ensure that implants are right for you. X-rays, implants, images, and other records will be taken to plan your treatment. The implant is implanted into the jawbone, and the bone heals around it to create a new root for your replacement tooth.

Once the bone has healed, the implant can be completed. Dr. Lozada, expert in dental implants in Santa Clarita, can use crowns, bridges, or dentures to complete the restoration based on your preferences and needs. Crowns are often used with individual implants, while bridges and dentures can be used to replace multiple teeth or all the teeth in an arch.

Implants have the highest success rate of all the restorations, and can last up to fifteen years. Because they are implanted into the jawbone, they create a sturdy foundation, so they feel and function just like your own natural teeth. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lozada, dentist in Santa Clarita.