Dental Strep Mutants? Who Likes These Creatures?

Protective varnish containing chlorhexidine and thymol might be the solution for you

The caries risk rises if the number of mutants streptococci increases significantly in the mouth. Of course considering that you are brushing everyday. In these cases, routine oral hygiene measures, tooth brushing, cleaning and fluoridation may not adequately protect your “sparkling white” teeth from damage. Mutants? who like these creatures?

The American Dental Association evaluated with scientific evidence on the effectiveness of professionally applied topical fluoride for caries prevention. There is an article published the ADA council on scientific affairs that talks about it.

“The Dentist knowing the patients health history and vulnerability to oral disease, is in the best position to make treatment decisions of interest for each of their patients.” Basically, these clinical recommendations are not the same for everybody.

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Adults can benefit from it if tooth sensitivity is the problem.

Sometimes the indication is differently for children than for adults.  Although, most children will benefit from the fluoride varnish, since they are still growing, but adults can greatly benefit from it… if their teeth are sensitive and they want to lower the discomfort.

This professional application of the varnish opens up alternative treatment possibilities for all patients who cannot effectively care for their teeth because of impaired motor skills… and I’ve seen those cases.

So, let me take a look at your particular case because you may take advantage of products like this…

  • Protection of exposed root surfaces
  • Treatment of open dentin tubules
  • Reduction of bacterial activity on tooth surfaces
  • Bacterial control in patients with high bacteria counts, e.g. orthodontic patients
  • Maintaining the quality of restorations, e.g. implant-retained restorations, crowns and bridge abutments.
  • Inadequate oral hygiene
  • Gingivitis
  • Xerostomia patients
  • In families (transmission)

For questions about fluoride, call my office for a complementary consultation.





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