Facts and Myths about Cavities

Facts and Myths about Cavities

Most people have at least one cavity by the time they reach adulthood, but although tooth decay is extremely common, it is also extremely preventable. Learning the facts and myths surrounding this common problem can help you better protect your teeth.

1. Myth: Sugar causes cavities – Fact: The decay process begins with acids. Oral bacteria consume any remaining sugars from the foods you eat and release acidic byproducts, which erode your teeth. Acidic foods and drinks can speed this process. These acids leach minerals from your teeth, and if the minerals are not replaced quickly enough, a cavity will form.

2. Myth: Only kids are at risk – Fact: People of all ages can get cavities, and dental hygiene is important throughout your life. In fact, as you get older, your risk of periodontal disease, which is also linked to dental hygiene habits, can also increase.

3. Myth: You can feel cavities – Fact: By the time a cavity causes pain, serious damage has been done, and you may need a root canal treatment. Regular dental checkups can catch cavities in their earliest stages before you even know you have them and when they are easiest to treat.

4. Myth: Cavities in baby teeth are no big deal – Fact: Cavities in baby teeth can lead to cavities in other teeth, as well as serious dental problems for your child, including problems in their adult teeth.

5. Myth: Cavities are inevitable – Fact: It is true that cavities are extremely common, but you can prevent tooth decay with good dental habits. Eating a balanced diet, limiting snacks, and practicing good dental hygiene by brushing, flossing, and rinsing appropriately can keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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