Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat for Healthier teeth

Unhealthy diet and poor hygiene are two perfect recipes for dental disaster.

This is true especially to people who do not regularly visit their dentists.  Dental health plays an important role in each person’s overall physical and psychological health.  A decayed set of teeth can lead to some other dental problems such as halitosis, and unfortunately, dental problems do more than just affect one’s physical health.

People with dental problems have low self-esteem;  As a result, they refuse to be in any social gatherings which are supposed to open a lot of opportunities for them.Pinnacle Peak Dental Center



Therefore, if you do not want to suffer the same predicament, better take care of your teeth.  The following is a list of food and drinks that you should avoid if you want to maintain a healthy set of teeth:



  • Rice, pasta and white bread

These foods contain starches that will stick to your teeth and the more you eat these kinds of foods, the more you increase your risk of getting gum disease and tooth decay.  It is because these refined carbohydrates will be broken down into sugar for those bacteria to feast on… Whole grain crackers and brown rice are safer and healthier options.

  • Jelly and other sticky foods

Avoid eating too much of those gooey and sticky foods because these foods will only get stuck inside your molars and in between your teeth. These trapped particles of food will become a favorite breeding ground for bacteria.

Instead of eating bread with strawberry jams, better choose to eat an apple or an orange for your snack.  This way, you will not only have a healthy set of teeth.  You will also be able to improve your overall physical health.

  • Candies

Candies are real sweet temptations not only for kids but also for adults, and what makes candies even more dangerous to your teeth is that you would tend to munch them inside your mouth together with all the bacteria. The longer it stays inside your mouth, the happier the bacteria will be.  If you cannot take the time to brush your teeth right away after eating candies, gargle some water inside your mouth after eating.  This will somehow help lessen the amount of sugar that stays in your mouth.

  • Sweet juice

Juices that contain artificial sweeteners are definitely dangerous for your teeth.  The sugar content of these sweet juices may linger inside your mouth causing the bacteria to stay long enough to wreak all sorts of havoc to your teeth.  If you cannot avoid the temptation to drink a glass of sweet juice, better use a straw for sipping…  Once you sip it, the juice will go down straight to your esophagus without necessarily passing into your teeth.

  • Soda and other carbonated beverages

Soda contains acids that will only speed up the erosion of your teeth enamel.  These kinds of beverages will make your teeth become brittle and weak even if you think about sipping them with the use of a drinking straw, it is still best to avoid soda drinks.  These beverages do not contain even the least amount of nutrients.  Always opt for the cheapest and healthiest beverage – water!

Avoiding those above mentioned foods would not be enough to protect your teeth, you also need to eat foods that help strengthen your teeth such as the following:

  • Calcium rich foods

Calcium is the most important nutrient for your teeth and bones.  This is why your daily diet must contain any calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, spinach, turnips, soybeans and sardines.

  • High-fiber foods

These foods will help in the formation of mineral defenses to make your teeth stronger.  Examples of high-fiber foods include dates, Brussell sprouts, almonds and other fresh fruits.

  • Whole Grain foods

Whole grain foods are rich sources of B vitamins. They can also be a good source of mineral iron that will help strengthen your gums, and whole grain foods also contain magnesium for healthier teeth and bones.

Keeping your teeth healthy will spare you from the agony of toothache.  It will also boost your confidence while dealing with other people in any social interactions. This is so important especially that all of us have to face other people in our daily activities.  A healthy teeth means you do not have to experience stress and anxiety of having poor dental health since you can smile and talk to people anytime.

About the Author:Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He now advocates healthy living as the best weapon against stress, anxiety and depression.  You can read more of his writings at Calm



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