Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Santa Clarita

A healthy smile should last a lifetime, but serious dental disease or trauma can cause such severe damage that that the major oral structures can fail. In cases such as this, a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary. During a full mouth reconstruction, most to all of your teeth are treated and any major damage or dental problems are addressed to give you a healthy new smile. Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita full mouth reconstruction dentist, can help.

Dr. Lozada, expert in full mouth reconstruction in Santa Clarita, may recommend a full mouth reconstruction, if you have:

• Advanced periodontal disease
• Severe dental trauma
• Serious tooth decay
• Major malocclusions or bite abnormalities
• Severely worn teeth
• Lost teeth
• Other dental problems that have led to damaged teeth, gums, or other oral structures

The process begins with a consultation and complete dental evaluation. At this appointment, Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita full mouth reconstruction dentist, will examine your teeth, gums, bite, and other oral structures to make a diagnosis, determine the extent of the problem, and create a treatment plan.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Santa Clarita

You will have an opportunity to explain your concerns and goals, and we will talk to you about how you can reach those goals and how we will address your concerns. A full mouth reconstruction is not a single treatment, but rather a process, and it can take place over the course of several appointments or several months, depending on your needs. We will work closely during this time to ensure the best possible results for your dental health and your complete smile satisfaction.

We will explain each of your treatment options and any available alternatives when we create your treatment plan. Many treatments are available. Dr. Lozada, expert in full mouth reconstruction in Santa Clarita, offers:

• Tooth-colored fillings
• Inlays and onlays
• Dental crowns
• Periodontal treatments
• Periodontal surgery
• Dental implants
• Fixed dental bridges
• Dentures
• Orthodontic treatments
• Porcelain veneers
• Teeth whitening treatments

During and after your full mouth reconstruction, good dental hygiene is important. We will demonstrate the best techniques to maintain your new smile. Call us today to find out more about full mouth reconstruction or to schedule your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Lozada.