Hurricane Hayine AKA Typhoon Yolanda – Brought us Toguether in Tacloban to Help in Times of Hardship

Hurricane Hayine AKA Typhoon Yolanda

It was very shocking to see the aftermath even several months after the catastrophe.
The extent of the destruction was something I couldn’t imagine and the increasingly chaotic situation in Tacloban and the surrounding towns was sometimes hard to grasp sitting at home and watching the news… until you walk the streets and began noticing the level of need that they are going through.

As president of the Southern California Filipino Dental Society, we decided to help the Tacloban people by donating a full functional dental clinic to serve those in need in this town that was shuttered. We started the planning as soon as we could by means of creating seminars for Dentists, help from vendors and requesting donation from different sources.
After several late night meetings and coordination with the officers of the society, we came up with a plan that eventually crystallized this past May 2014 by witnessing the grand opening of the dental clinic.

Some officers from the society and I flew to Tacloban to meet with the local dental chapter and the sisters from the church to finalize and witness this event and the finished construction.

After all the planning and overcoming some challenges…it was great to see a task completed and ready to start. We decided that this clinic will be managed by a group of nuns from a local church in Tacloban.

This project is not over yet. Actually it is far from it, but we will continue working for years to come, as the Filipinos in Tacloban are rebuilding their homes, we are helping rebuilding their faith and courage through means of service to continue the sprouting of a better Philippines.



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