Is it Dangerous if I Swallow Some Toothpaste?


In 1996, the ADA reviewed studies and concluded that “a child could not absorb enough fluoride from toothpaste to cause a serious problem” and also concluded that fluoride toothpaste has an “excellent safety record.” So, really if you ingested an amount that you are not sure if you need to see a doctor… error on the side of caution and have yourself checked by your medical doctor.

In case my child swallowed some toothpaste, do I need to rush him to the hospital?

Many dental products contain some levels of fluoride. Your dentist will always warn their patients about the risks from ingesting products with fluoride. Every single day, millions of Americans use fluoride toothpaste or dental rinses without any negative effect whatsoever.


is toothpaste safe

Most of us use toothpaste mainly because we wanted to have our teeth cleansed and have a fresh breath with a feeling of cleanliness after brushing. Very few people are aware with the affects of having toothpaste with high fluoride content. This is mainly the reason why the FDA requires each toothpaste tube to have a notice regarding poison warning.

The use of toothpaste is introduced at a very young age simply because we are teaching our children a way on how to start and end a day when it comes to dental hygiene. Choosing the right toothpaste is very essential since the amount of fluoride on a toothpaste has an effect to ones health. The toothpaste for kids contains a small amount of fluoride because they have the tendency to swallow it while tooth brushing.

In my professional opinion here are some reasons why swallowing a large amount of fluoride than the usual “pea-sized” usage is hazardous to our health?

1. It causes discoloration of tooth enamel also called dental fluorosis. These are the white specks or strains on your tooth for the mild case and becomes browned on severe cases.

2. For severe ingestion it may cause stomach poisoning in the form of vomiting and severe pain, nausea, headache and dizziness.

3. If your toothpaste comes in contact with your mouth this could also cause dryness and would lead to rashes also known as perioral dermatitis. Stomatitis or mouth ulcers is a severe case of fluoride having in contact with your skin on the mouth area.

4. Fluoride in blood also brings a high level of glucose and decreases the level of insulin.

5. There are toothpaste with low or no fluoride content currently in the market.

Now we know the effects of swallowing a toothpaste with a high content of fluoride. I Recommend certain brands for certain patients, not all sizes fits all, call my office to help you choose the right toothpaste for your particular situation.

show your son how to brush with fluoride toothpaste

Also keep in mind that fluoride helps remove plaque,  and this type of tartar or calculus  is a film of bacteria that forms around your teeth and gums every day. Plaque can cause gum disease even periodontal disease in severe cases,and of course the old timer tooth decay.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay not necessarily by adding a lot of fluoride (a common misconception)  but by strengthening tooth enamel.

Finally, for you personal assessment visit your dentist and you will get the best recommendation for you and your family.  Sharing is caring… there is a facebook button for that go ahead and spread the word about fluoride.

Thank you, Dr. Randy




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