Lumineers Santa Clarita

Your smile is one of the most recognizable features on your face. It can light up a room and make your loved ones feel right at home. But if your smile is not everything that you want it to be, you might find yourself more inclined to hide it than flash it. Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita Lumineers dentist, can help.

Lumineers are a special type of dental veneer. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are placed over the fronts of teeth to create a new smile. They are often used to cover moderate to severe smile flaws. Dr. Lozada, expert in Lumineers in Santa Clarita, can use Lumineers to address a variety of cosmetic dental issues, including stains, chips, cracks, worn enamel, uneven teeth, and gaps.

Lumineers Santa Clarita

If Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita Lumineers dentist, determines that Lumineers are right for you, the process can be completed in as few as two to three dental visits. Unlike conventional dental veneers, there is usually no need for extensive preparation, and your teeth will not need to be trimmed or reduced in shape or size. The Lumineers are bonded directly to the front of your natural teeth for a comfortable, sensitivity-free smile.

Once your candidacy is determined, Dr. Lozada, expert in Lumineers in Santa Clarita, will take photographs, dental impressions, and other records and work with you to design your new look. Your records will be then sent to the Lumineers lab. The lab creates your veneers using Cerinate porcelain, which can be milled as thin as a contact lens without losing any of its strength. The porcelain is translucent and looks just like dental enamel. It can be made in a shade that brightens your natural teeth for a stain-free smile for many years to come.

The Lumineers can be bonded to your teeth at your next appointment. A special etching liquid is applied to the teeth to gently roughen their surface before a conditioning liquid is applied to act as a primer. The bonding agent secures the Lumineers in place, and is cured using a special high-intensity light. Once your Lumineers are in place, they can last twenty years or more with good care. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita cosmetic dentist.