Feeling Under, Diffident and Shy Due to Missing Teeth?

Can you remember the last time you walked into a room full of people, either friends, co-workers or just people you don’t know.

Sometimes we have to face new people interaction if you are applying for a job or just talking to someone at the market or pharmacy etc.

You are in front of people and you try to hide your smile because you are missing a tooth…

You have looked at yourself countless times in the mirror and pose and look and continue to pose and look trying to get that angle of your smile where your missing teeth is not showing.   Hmmm… sometimes it is hard and just can’t be avoided, many of you just get over it and just don’t care to live like that. But many of you would like to do something about it, and experience full “smile” confidence again; it’s just a matter of putting aside some time to get it taken care of.

Boost your confidence Dental Implants by Dr. Randy Lozada SCV Dentist

Regardless of whether you are introverted or extroverted, we can all relate to that feeling of shyness at some point in our lives but why does it need to be because of a missing tooth? tweet this!

This is very avoidable, and very easy to fix if you let your dental professional take care of it.

Missing teeth are very strong signs of self image and show concerns about body image. Since teeth are an important part of one’s facial features, they are objects of a lot of attention.


If you are missing teeth, it should arise concerns over your physical appearance, health, and/or aging.  Everybody would like to have a Hollywood type of smile, but in many cases having a clean and healthy teeth is sufficient for boosting self confidence, and this means having all your teeth.

Often times I see in my dental office patients with missing teeth due to a genetic condition, or an unfortunate accident.  Many times athletes knock a front tooth and there it goes… first thought “omg what do I do, my tooth is gone… where’s the mirror”.

Some decades ago it was considered normal to lose your teeth as you grew old.  I’m talking about 60’s 70’s

But if you have missing teeth due to poor oral hygiene or just simply were born without one or two, you definitely lose the ability to chew well on food and stay healthy.  Nowadays there are ways to replace missing teeth, or just to care for your oral health better in order to keep your teeth forever.

I tell you why some people continue struggling with their missing teeth without taking a resolution.

Fear! Yes,  Some people are afraid of dentist or the office or the instruments and never consult one, or maybe just postpone the visit as long as far as they can… even if they have a tooth ache.  Not consulting for a problem in your mouth can worsen the condition over time and eventually lead to tooth loss or even worse, develop some other complication of your health.  tweet this!

Are you kiddin’ me… you are talking about dentistry of a decade ago… with procedures or techniques that are obsolete nowadays.  We are in the 21st century and for example Laser Dentistry is huge.  What if I tell you that a procedure is now done with Laser guided techniques, what if for that cavity of yours we don’t use a “drill” anymore, we use laser which by the way doesn’t even make a noise.

So, restore that confidence that we’ve been talking here. Try to see yourself with that new smile… filling that gap because of a missing tooth.  There are many ways to do it, dental implants is one of them.

If you think you can benefit from a complementary consultation regarding your specific situation or want to find out more about dental implants… you know our phone number… or just complete the form to the left of this page.

Have a beautiful smile… Now!

Dr. Randy Lozada

SCV Dentist





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