Simple And Useful Dental Cleaning Tips

Simple And Useful Dental Cleaning Tips | Maybe you heard this before… Let me just tell you…

Oral hygiene care is an effective method that can be adopted to ensure that your teeth remain strong and healthy. Cleaning the teeth regularly is the most effective way to maintain your teeth’s appearance and health. There are few simple dental cleaning tips that I always recommend my patients, thus avoiding teeth decay and retains the pearly white look of your teeth.

Dental Cleaning Tips:

There are three vital aspects that should be performed as a part of the basic dental care, which are as follows:

Dental Cleaning Tips



You must brush at least twice every day using a soft-bristled brush. Try and brush for around 2-3 minutes and also clean the roof of the mouth and tongue. Also, remember to replace your toothbrush after every three months. It would be more beneficial if you use toothpaste that contains abrasives and fluoride as these ingredients aid to eliminate plaque. Fluoride, in particular, is an essential ingredient that helps to prevent gingivitis and cavities.  However;  people with sensitive gum may be advised by a dentist to use specific toothpaste.

Employ proper brushing methods while cleaning the teeth by positioning the brush at 45 degree against the gum line and rotate the toothbrush at a slow-circular motion.  Additionally, make sure that the bristles of the brush reaches between  the spaces of the teeth without causing the gums any harm. Once your brushing is complete; rinse your mouth with water.

Excessive brushing can fade away the teeth enamel, which could result in cracking or breaking of teeth. Moreover; brushing the teeth several times each day is not considered to be healthy therefore; you ought to avoid brushing more than three times a day.


Flossing gets rid of the small food particles that get stuck between the teeth, where the brush cannot reach. Floss once a day by holding the floss in a C-shaped curvature and slide it between the teeth while moving it back and forth.  However; avoid flossing too vigorously or you may injure your gums.


You should rinse your mouth with water after every meal. Rinsing the mouth using fluoride mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide twice a day helps to keep infection causing bacteria at bay.  It also assists in preventing tooth decay, gingivitis and build-up of plaque.  In addition, rinsing the mouth with mint can aid to avoid infections from taking place and also keeps the breath fresh.

Eating Right:

What we eat has a major impact on our oral hygiene.  Sugary foods cause build-up of acids in the mouth.  These acids dissolve very slowly therefore, due to continuous exposure to these acids, the tooth enamel wears away and damages the teeth. The preventive method would be to avoid consuming excessive sugar and in case you consume sugary foods, then ensure that you rinse your mouth or brush your teeth right away. Likewise, highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits must be eaten as a part of a meal so that the damaging effect of the acid is reduced. Furthermore; you must consume adequate amount of water as water cleanses the mouth and generates saliva which keeps the gum hydrated and washes the food particles away from the teeth.

My Additional Dental Cleaning Tips:

  • After brushing the teeth, use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. It helps to get rid of tongue plaque and makes the breath fresh.
  • Give up smoking as the use of tobacco not only stains the teeth, but may also leads to throat and mouth cancer.
  • Chew gums that contain xylitol as it helps to stimulate saliva which is your natural mouth rinse thus helps to curb bacteria.
  • Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is essential. Therefore, schedule an appointment for a professional dental cleaning in every six months time.  Pinnacle Peak Dental Center will work with your busy schedule.

Overall, it is a fact that maintaining dental hygiene is beneficial for the overall health of the body hence, begin and conclude your day by brushing your teeth. Try and adopt the above dental cleaning tips to take proper care of your teeth as well as gums and you will be able to proudly flaunt your pearly white teeth while greeting the world!

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