The final product! the brand new Dental Office in Newhall


Now Open Santa Clarita Dental OfficeWOW. It feels so great to finally say my new dental clinic is now open… This majestic labor of love has taken so much longer, cost so much more, and been so much more trying and stressful than I ever imagined.

But to those loving spirits who also nurture that inner tame-less flame, you know that nothing is too much, no challenge is too great that we will not eventually overcome… that I learned from my dad. As my motto… work hard but party harder! actually someone else came with that phrase… I just love it.


And that’s what I did. I started chewing this elephant one bite at a time and though the days stretched into weeks then through months, and almost six months after…

We finally got the final product! the brand new Dental Office in Newhall that I always dreamed about since dental school.


Now it’s Go Time. Even though  I basically moved from my prior Dental office in Newhall… this felt special.

I haven’t worked this hard and put, not only my own future directly on the line, but also that of my family, those who trusted me and many more to not succeed. But I don’t believe that you set yourself for failure… on the contrary, with steps like this in life and with the support of the right people, you set yourself for success… and I always think that way.

Hey, I don’t claim to do this alone. Let me be the first one to say that there is absolutely no way I could’ve made it to this point without the loving support of so many people.

First and foremost: my family, my biggest cheerleaders and sometimes they give me the kick in the butt I need to stop feeling overwhelmed and start thinking more problem solving… the way they usually know me for.

Friends who put their money where their mouth was. My mom, whose advice and support have helped me strategize and execute while keeping me focused. All the members of my family and dear friends, who have contributed their personal time and effort. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Grand Opening Newhall Dental Office
Grand Opening Newhall Dental Office

Now on to the actual Grand Opening of the new Pinnacle Peak Dental Center in Newhall… it was a huge success!

We welcomed everyone into the dental practice tons of friends, both new and old, and it was fantastic to share with them our passion and our humble beginnings. It was also great to meet some of our twitter/facebook friends in person!


I am truly blessed to have the ability and courage to follow my dreams, and a huge group of family, friends (new and old and yet-to-meet) that are always supporting me every step of the way! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The best is yet to come.
Pinnacle Peak Dental Center is born again!

Very Sincerely

Dr. Randy



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