Tooth Bleaching

Tooth Bleaching Santa Clarita

Most of us start life with naturally white teeth, but over time, they can become yellow or darker due to lifestyle factors, the natural aging process, or enamel erosion. Dark teeth make your smile look older and can detract from your overall appearance. If your smile is no longer as white as you want it to be, Dr. Lozada, expert in Santa Clarita tooth bleaching, can help.

There are two types of stains. Extrinsic stains are stains that occur when your teeth are exposed to foods, tobacco, beverages, and other staining substances, or to routine wear-and-tear. Intrinsic stains are stains that occur inside the tooth and are typically due to trauma, mineral exposure, or excess fluoride ingestion. Extrinsic stains are the most common types of stains and respond best to teeth whitening treatments. Dr. Lozada, expert in tooth bleaching in Santa Clarita, can help you decide if professional whitening is an option for you and recommend the best whitening treatment for your smile.

Tooth Bleaching Santa Clarita

Dental enamel is made up of tiny crystalline rods. These rods are extremely strong and densely packed, but biting and chewing, as well as heavy levels of acid can cause microscopic cracks, which can then fill with organic debris. This debris then oxidizes and discolors. This is what causes stains. The enamel can also thin over time, which allows the dark dentin layer of the tooth to show through, making your teeth look darker. Dr. Lozada, Santa Clarita tooth bleaching dentist, can use professional whitening treatments to manage both types of discoloration to make your teeth look brighter, whiter, and more beautiful.

Professional whitening products can be applied right in our office for fast, convenient whitening. Dr. Lozada, expert in tooth bleaching in Santa Clarita, will apply the whitening treatment and in about an hour, your teeth can be as much as ten shades lighter. Professional whitening treatments are also available for in-home use. Both use peroxide-based bleaching gels that break down into water and oxygen for a treatment that is powerful enough to destroy stains without harming teeth.

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