Continuing Dental Education | Fun and Exciting

Continuing Dental Education | Can be Fun and Exciting

What really happened during our Southern California Filipino Dental Society (SCFDS) CE at Sea 2012?Dr. Randy Lozada DDS

CE at Sea 2012

Close to 50 participating Dentists went onboard Carnival Cruises for a weekend of friendship bonding, team building and camaraderie.  I experienced one of the best ways to further my dental education with one of the best productive seminar this year.  We had some awesome speakers and presenters.

I can’t wait to implement and share with all my patients in my Newhall and Lancaster Dental Offices…


Randy Lozada DDS
CE on the Sea 2012


6 CE Credits were given at no cost from our generous speakers

Dr. Tota Shimizu was very informative and enlightening.  As vice president of the SCFD society, I greatly appreciated the speakers’ time they devoted to join our cruise and have fun with all of us as well.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.   By Anthony D’Angelo                …Click here to tweet!

Fun and Studying reminded me of my school years

We arrived to Long Beach port Friday afternoon, and almost everyone was there ready and hungry… so we proceeded to check in and have lunch inside the boat which welcomed us with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries… It was heaven.


Dr. Randy Lozada DDS
CE at Sea 2012

I met with a lot of Filipino Dentists from all over California, which one way or another were associated with the SCFDS.  We had a great cocktail/chat time at night at one of the ballrooms of the boat.


By Saturday morning we were ready for some fun time in Ensenada-Mexico for some food and shopping… so, I and a small group of dental friends got together in a van and tour we went. We went to La Bufadora a place where the waves hit an underground cave exploding upwards making this buffalo sound that takes its name. It was such an experience because there is only a few of these in the world. It is a must place to visit in you are in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California.


Sunday comes and we were ready to absorb all the knowledge of the seminar. So, after a great breakfast, we went to the main atrium of the boat for some group pictures prior to the commencing of the seminar.

I had such a great time and as a Dentist and Vice President; I acknowledge the hard work and the effort put on to this event by the members of the society.  Don’t forget to share below…

Click here to see the rest of the photos from the event




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