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Dental Mission Dental Extraction
Dental Mission Philippines

Early this year the Southern California Filipino Dental Society, which I am a member of, embarked on a very significant and highly anticipated dental mission. We put together a group of Dentists from Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino and other Counties of the great So Cal in conjunction with Dentists from the Philippines Manila Chapter and met in Manila, for our yearly dental mission. We had the greatest time serving the community and surely, we deliver with great outcome and success, and that let me tell you… filled the hearts of all of us as dental providers.

In coordination with the Manila Dental Chapter headed by Dr. Anne Camus, we met with a range of people including government officials, Dental Board members of the great Manila and other provinces, political parties, journalists, members of communities groups, and family members. Our dental team visited the city of Bayambang, Pangasinan where the need of dental services was an urgent matter for families with little or no access to dental care.

We all went to this city with medication, tools and supplies to provide the best service we could to these families. We provided different types of Dental services including : Oral Surgery, Dentures, oral hygiene instructions to all those present, family members and community as well. We had such a great turn out of patients; we worked all day and received amazing smiles of gratitude from these people. This certainly was a unique moment in life, when you give all without expecting anything in return… what a blessing.

I saw the joy on each patient’s faces as they received treatment and that pain they had for weeks lingering was finally over. One mother was so happy and so thankful because she could now smile after being edentulos of the front teeth for a long time. Our team had a full packed room of patients with prosthetic needs. I was very fortunate to see myself and fellow dentist-friends from USA and Philippines working together, wives and husbands helping all the way ’til the end giving so freely their time and energy to help those in need. Praise God for being able to come together to complete his will. We are grateful for all the kind donations that we received from all places, suppliers, pharmacies, security etc. from the US and from different companies in the Philippines. Financial support and accommodations were also provided by our Los Angeles local Julie de la Cuesta.

Dental Mission Philippines
Dental Mission Philippines

The dental society in California is actively planning another visit to the Philippines and serve more people in more places. I can’t wait for it to happen… and I hope more and more Dentists from the US and Philippines join us for this great and noble cause.

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